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Our History

Xinlinyuan Group was established in Nantong, Jiangsu Province in 1998. Now it possesses three subsidiary companies: Jiangsu Xinlinyuan Embroidery Textile Co., Ltd, Nantong Xinyuanfa Accessories Co., Ltd, and Jiangsu Dubang Silk Dyeing Co., Ltd. During the development of nearly 20 years, the company has achieved multivariate and collective management in the field of textile and garment accessories.


In 1998: Xinlinyuan was established in Nantong, Jiangsu Province

Xinlinyuan was established in Nantong, Jiangsu Province by Mr. Qianwen Lei. Originally, it was a small workshop processing binding tapes. The rented production area was 80㎡and had only 2 employees.

In 1999: Self-marketing went up

Renting about 30㎡as store in Nantong DieshiBridge, and beginning to operate the small store, opening the prelude of self-marketing.

In 2001:Multiple product marketing

Buying three business buildings in Nantong Dieshi  Bridge, beginning to manage multiplex accessories products like binding tape, lace trim, border lace, etc.

In 2003: Purchasing and constructing the integrated factory

Purchasing industrial land 29 mu in Tongzhou District, Nantong, Jiangsu Industrial Park North Zhangzhishan, Constructing simple production complex 6000㎡.

In 2004: Opening the integration era of production, sales and research management, incorporating Jiangsu Xinlinyuan Embroidery Textile Co., Ltd.


In 2007: Starting using products to display commercial complex

Purchasing and using the 3000 ㎡of commercial complex in China Home Textiles City of Dieshi Bridge, Jinchuan avenue.

In 2010Creating its own brands
Registering mature accessories brandXinyuanfa

In 2011Registering wholly-owned trading company

Setting up the nation's largest home textile, garment accessories company Nantong Xinyuanfa Accessories Co., Ltd. in the same year, launching ERP management system in an all-round way


In 2012: Constructing modern production complex

Reconstructing modern manufacturing complex, office building A, binding tapes and woven tapes production workshop and warehouse D, staff dormitory building E. Purchasing the most advanced 10Y embroidery production equipment.

In 2013: Setting up the brandXinlinyuan

Investing in research and development building B, embroidery comprehensive production workshop C. Buying the most advanced embroidery production equipment Saurer Embroidery—Epoca 6 Pro and laser applique embroidery production line, which are well-known in the world. The same year forming Jiangsu Dubang Silk Dyeing Co., Ltd in Jiangsu Haian county to strengthen the key of self-manufacturing.

In 2014: Lighting the hope, casting the dream

Setting up product design center, establishing product exhibition center, scene experience pavilion of products, and carrying out 7S comprehensive management and ISO9000 International Quality System Authentication.

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