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New designs of embroidery fabric
Jul 17, 2017

Refers to the loom jacquard woven lace institutions control of warp and weft perpendicular woven lace. It is usually to cotton, silk, nylon yarn, rayon, gold and silver thread, polyester yarn, acrylic yarn as raw material, adopt tabby, twill, satin weave and small jacquard organization on the spindle or shuttleless loom are weaved by yarn-dyed process; Can be multiple ZhiZhi or alone the picture at the same time after with electric heating cutting points in ZhiZhi, slitting width is usually 3-170 mm. Loom lace common varieties are: pure cotton yarn woven lace lace, silk silk, nylon lace, cotton lace, cotton acrylic mixed lace, etc. Woven lace with close texture, colorful, full of artistic feeling and stereo feeling, suitable for all kinds of clothing and other edge decorative fabric products.


(1) cotton lace. By using geographic dyeing cotton, bottom bottom weft use of fine Tex yarn or thread. Flowers by the weft adopted, based on the double strand of yarn, special thick, three line available. Bottom group is given priority to with plain, there are a few using the small decorative pattern such as honeycomb tissue. Flower organization with satin is given priority to, also can use some special organization. Washes cotton lace texture fast, wear-resisting, colorful, colorful patterns, have stereo feeling. Is mainly used for garments, pants, dress adornment, also can be used for carpets, tapestries, bed sheet, shoes, straps and other border areas. It is much used in the clothing of the neckline, cuffs, chest, etc., in the process of sewing to lace hot shrinkage or shrink machine first, and then sewing to ornament parts, pure cotton shrink, easy to make the garment deformation after washing water.

(2) silk yarn woven lace. In ethnic minorities in China use more, therefore is also called the national lace. Design is mostly good fortune as one wishes, such as harvest festival with ethnic characteristics. Commonly used while weaving dyeing rayon 133.3 555.5 dtex denier (120-120) and the dyeing cotton (18.5-7 Tex) x 2 (32/2-80/2 and British) twin line. To organize is given priority to with plain, flower group is given priority to with satin, satin edge on either side of the organization is used or twill. The common varieties with cotton or low of 277.8 555.5 commonly dtex denier (250-250) by the rayon, used to jacquard (rayon as a flower), untwisted rayon yarn as weft ZhiZhi. 3-170 - mm width specifications. The lace fast texture, bright color, do not wash. It is mainly used for minority clothing decoration, can also be used for shoes, children's clothes, table cloth, furniture, the compose of covering cloth edge and the head of the women's belt. Silk yarn woven lace easily rotten and faded, pay attention to when washing hand wash, not ammonia drift.

(3) nylon lace. It is nylon yarn and elastic nylon yarn as raw material, organization with plain, flower organization could be selected according to the different requirements of decorative pattern design, twill and satin with 22.2-50 dtex (20-45 denier nylon yarn as weft of bottom and bottom, with 77.8 dtex dtex denier (70) or 133.3 (120 denier) stretch nylon yarn as weft, after on the jacquard loom woven shaped by the hot and humid. Most of the edge organization made the threaded, make the edge has a lively beautiful line. 3-170 - mm width specifications. Products are thin and transparent, colour and lustre is gorgeous, soft luster. Organization and flat edge, wave edge, hollow threaded edge, etc., for a variety of clothing, children's stockings, hats, furniture and other adornment. Stretch nylon lace is better for knitting fabric bullish.

(4) the lace. Have a sense of antique lace material are the number one on behalf of Victoria style. Fine lace is a manual, and the cost is not bandits, senior custom precious feeling, and now the use of advanced techniques, make anecdotal lace also become relatively soft, breathable, easy to ironed, so begin to be widespread use on the garment. Victorian era, women like the collar, sleeves, skirt with lace, lace, fair maiden temperament of rich, showing the elegance and melancholy

(5) the sequins lace. Wen wan sequins lace reproduce this season, change a new era of the classical noble temperament. More atmospheric modelling, solemn gorgeous to spread across the shoulders and chest. The use of large area of lace, fully explaining the romantic feeling, have a certain brightness of pansy, added the stereo sense on the vision more, all show the gorgeous products, high... But when catharsis to gentle care.