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New design type of embroidery fabric
Apr 19, 2017

New design type of embroidery fabric.


Sequins lace on the dress, small clothing comparison, spelling, seam, the technology of the overlying sewing, hand sewing is more common, this kind of lace patterns such as booked beads, sequins, when sewing shoulds not be chopped with overlying sewing, sewing, folding folding seam pressure processing.


Marks on the clothing trimming the collocation with lace highlight color non-trace fashionable dress effect, make ordinary color fabrics show impressive luxury, add pure silk, lace, diamond is up to the effect of the dot eyeball. Silk close skin makes the wearer comfortable sex, at the same time all sorts of adornment gimmick to underwear product become more delicate. Various white handkerchief cloth, cotton lace, inferior smooth water lace, lace, white mesh, georgette velvet financial support ingenious union, through the different texture of fabric design collocation, and supplement technology of lace, clearly shows the meticulous style with craft characteristics. Transparent bottom mesh embroidery lace, the color cotton embroidery lace, rich and gaudy, colorful cotton woven of three-dimensional flower piece, the use of all kinds of gauze prominent contrast of plane and solid. Flash elastic fabric with inferior smooth elastic fabric by using in the design, not only to comfort, give full play to the air permeability of fabric, will also through the comparisons of fabric design fully implements the adornment effect.