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The Stock Of Lace Trimming
Jul 01, 2017

Lace Trimming on the garment sewing process usually have a spell on the sewing, crushed, seam, the overlying fold sewing, crushed fold seam pressure, hand sewing, etc. Lace is optical margin usually entire weave, but sometimes also will use the whole piece of knitting, need cut in when applied topically.

Cotton lace cuffs, hem, usually adopt the summer skirt, garment body, neckline, in areas such as the lace before use must first preshrinking processing, generally USES the seam, overlying sewing, broken broken seam pressure.

For silk yarn woven lace silk material, with 9 # when sewing needle, can't split open a pull, usually in the skirt part use is more, generally USES the overlying sewing, hand sewing.

By nylon yarn and nylon lace elastic nylon yarn as raw material shrinkage is bigger, lace must first preshrinking treatment before use. Usually use spell wel, seam, chopped overlying sewing, folding sewing, folding seam pressure, hand sewing, sometimes acted as elastic. Cuff, hem, commonly used in summer dress skirt, garment body and neck area.

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