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The Characteristics Of High-grade Lace Fabrics
Apr 19, 2017

1, the quality of a material soft and supple. High-grade compound lace fabric feels handle is quite comfortable, and conversely inferior material manufactured in will give people a feeling of jagged particles, very prick the hand;

2 lace fabric density is relatively high, wear in the body has a good effect of keep out the cold wind, even in winter bud, also can let you are in a state of warm;

3, the wear resistance of fabric is stronger, even after many times of washing, also won't wrinkle cottony ball;

4, the colour and lustre of lace fabric is good, give a person a kind of high-end grade atmosphere feeling on the vision, make the fabric is elegant;

5, designs is complicated. Thanks to appear the development of technology, today's lace fabric varieties is full of beautiful things in eyes. So different designs of bud silk fabrics of ups and downs and density are different. But they are in the distribution of surface texture on the ups and downs are generally not high, is flat and level.

Although the lace trend in the world nowadays, revealed a whirlwind, highly fashionable personage love, by the role of fabrics of clothing textiles and become successful.