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Sequin Lace Fabric Softness, Extensibility
Aug 07, 2017

Sequin Lace Fabric has always been a mysterious, sexy synonymous, warp Sequin Lace Fabric has been well known, but you know? Weft knitting also can make tall Sequin Lace Fabric fabric, we call it weft imitation Sequin Lace Fabric fabric. Weft fabricated Sequin Lace Fabric fabric is a kind of fabric with a Sequin Lace Fabric appearance, the fabric not only has a Sequin Lace Fabric fabric fabric light, transparent, mysterious, changeable, but also has a better than the lined elastic, flexibility, extensibility , Which combines the style of warp Sequin Lace Fabric fabric and weft fabric performance. In the field of underwear, decoration and other fields have a good prospect.

Sequin Lace Fabric is an exotic. Mesh tissue, the earliest by the crochet hand weaving. Europe and the United States in women, especially evening dress and wedding on a lot of use. The 18th century, the European court and aristocratic men in the cuffs, collar and socks also have a lot of use.

The Sequin Lace Fabric of the craft, material, pattern, color innovation design, so that both Sequin Lace Fabric taking functional and artistic aesthetic of the dual connotation for the fashion knitwear design provides a new design ideas and methods.

1 choice of raw materials

The performance of raw materials determines the performance of the product, product use is different, the choice of raw materials are also different. For enterprises, in addition to considering the performance of raw materials and products, but also taking into account the cost of raw materials. According to the product style characteristics, combined with the actual production of enterprises, this paper selects spandex and nylon as raw materials for product development.

2 pattern organization to determine

2.1 Artist figure

According to the type of organization, it is best to use the correct row, vertical ratio of the Italian paper, in the actual production, the ratio of the range of 2.5: 1.0 ~ 3.5: 1.0, so you can get more accurate results, even if the amplification , The error will be within the acceptable range. At the same time, the design of the artisan map should pay attention to the fabric exposed to the surface of the yarn into the first bar.

Floral organization design should pay attention to the following points:

A. Core fabric or double-sided fabric and other colors, can be used before and after the bar of the exposed relationship;

B. Vertical strip pattern, diamond pattern, bar pattern can be used to achieve the different arrangement of color yarn;

C. Hollow perforation can produce mesh fabric;

D. The combination of the performance of different raw materials can produce embossed pattern effect.

2.3 factors to be considered in the pattern design

Pattern design should take into account the following factors:

A. The largest coil of the needle back pad is used to make the fabric thicker;

B. The use of weft insertion or re-organization, fabric longitudinal and horizontal stability;

C. Determine the organization of warp fabric, you can develop the mat movement diagram, the comb map, through the map, flower board and so on.