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Sequin Lace Fabric Has A Unique Charm Of Their Own Character
Aug 14, 2017

Sequin Lace Fabric first appeared in the United States. The production of Sequin Lace Fabric is a very complicated process, it is in accordance with a certain pattern with silk or yarn knotted, unlike some of China's traditional Sequin Lace Fabric is hook or embroidery. Production need to wire in a small shuttle only above, each shuttle only the thumb size. A less complex pattern requires dozens or nearly a hundred such small shuttle, and then a large number of patterns will need hundreds of small shuttle. Production of the pattern on the following, according to the pattern using a different series, knot, around the way to produce.

A less complex pattern to a skilled woman to spend a month or longer to be able to complete. Due to knitting techniques vary from person to person, Sequin Lace Fabric works are generally a person to complete independently, so every Sequin Lace Fabric is unique. Usually, Sequin Lace Fabric knitting finished after the dyeing process, and advanced Sequin Lace Fabric must first yarn dyeing. These handmade Sequin Lace Fabric, are used in some of the high fashion above the royal interior of the royal family, ordinary people rarely see. Sequin Lace Fabric products as a result of fine lines, to take the world's limited production mode, each batch of Sequin Lace Fabric products have to be registered, and sold out, it will never produce, so abroad, by the aristocracy of all ages. Clothing used on the so-called "Sequin Lace Fabric" refers to all kinds of Sequin Lace Fabric, mostly machine production.

White Sequin Lace Fabric, you can choose a long skirt, if not a long skirt, do not choose the kind of knee, knee white Sequin Lace Fabric skirt, will make your age increase year old, very old, very ugly. At the same time your hair, do not take care of too neat, looks will be the old-fashioned.

Black Sequin Lace Fabric, do not match, Sequin Lace Fabric stockings, and the whole is black, not very nice, it seems that some rustic.

Sequin Lace Fabric with the requirements for the accessories is as simple as possible, too much of the accessories will make the overall look cumbersome.

Sequin Lace Fabric dress, you can choose irregular hem asymmetry, enhance the sense of hierarchy, but if it is above the knees skirt, try to choose the conventional hem, eccentric style is not good.

Many star biggest names have their own way to wear, really ingenuity, nude color rendering black Sequin Lace Fabric, very tempting. Sequin Lace Fabric dress, handsome flashing this woman unique sexy. Low back retro design white Sequin Lace Fabric, let you back to the 20th century, 20 years, it is worth recommending.

Sequin Lace Fabric Wash:

Sequin Lace Fabric is made of 100% polyester or half of the polyester half cotton, try not to be pSequin Lace Fabricd in the washing machine cleaning; if it is their home cleaning Sequin Lace Fabric clothing, we must put the Sequin Lace Fabric in the laundry bag to neutral detergent. But the more advanced Sequin Lace Fabric products, or a larger area of Sequin Lace Fabric dresses, etc., it is recommended to the best wash to the laundry or must be hand washing, after washing with low-temperature hot iron will Sequin Lace Fabric ironing, so Sequin Lace Fabric ductility Will be good, can keep the Sequin Lace Fabric pattern does not distort the deformation. The same time as

Sequin Lace Fabric fabric use is very wide, you can cover the entire textile industry, all the textiles can add some beautiful Sequin Lace Fabric elements, it can be said that Sequin Lace Fabric is suitable for any style of clothes tailoring. But now the Sequin Lace Fabric fabric is usually used as accessories in the clothing, because it has a refined and luxurious sense of luxury and reflect the characteristics of the romantic, and now as the main material has been gradually increased the frequency. Should the Sequin Lace Fabric fabric as accessories, you can use in any style. Now a lot of dress class often used to Sequin Lace Fabric, generally used in straight or with a small tail on the style, or cover the other fabric above, you can reflect the bride's exquisite body at the same time, even more luxurious and elegant. Sequin Lace Fabric fabric and material texture is thin and transparent, with elegant and mysterious artistic effect, is widely used in women's personal clothing. Because the Sequin Lace Fabric fabric texture is thin, even the multi-storey design will not feel very heavy, but also give people a cool feeling. And as long as the design to join the Sequin Lace Fabric will have a sweet romantic feeling.

Sequin Lace Fabric from the original hand-woven mesh Sequin Lace Fabric, to the embellishment of clothing decoration, and then to the perspective of the fabric, or gorgeous innocence, or coquettish sexy, in short, now Sequin Lace Fabric is no longer a simple clothing decoration, it has its own The unique charm of character, not only become a sweet summer fragrance modulation of the fragrance of women, but also a representative of the charm of women carrier.