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Lace Trim Has Been Popular Again
Aug 07, 2017

Early Lace Trim made of metal wire weaving, especially the rich aristocratic soil with gold and silver braided Lace Trim, not so rich can only use wire, until the fifteenth century Lace Trim only silk or cotton-based material. So the early Lace Trim is very heavy, want to wear Lace Trim no physical strength not ah, do not know this is not the first time wearing a Lace Trim man wear more reasons.

Figure is the early golden Lace Trim

With the European business center moving from Flanders to the Mediterranean coast of Italy, the sixteenth century Lace Trim was popular in Italy. And upstairs little weaver said almost. At that time the aristocratic women were dogma of the many restrictions, nothing fun can only weave Lace Trim, and later they will be woven Lace Trim craft taught to the church nuns. And the nuns with Lace Trim craft to earn extra money, so the Lace Trim first in the Italian monastery swept up, first used in the church decoration.

16th century when the Lace Trim can only be done by hand, so expensive, nobles can only cuff or neckline decoration on a small Lace Trim. Now able to understand why the total lively pLace Trim in the rich Lace Trim it

At that time the aristocratic royal family is very serious Lace Trim control, one of the most famous should be Elizabeth I. Rumors Elizabeth stature thin, in order to block the slender neck she always wear Lace Trim made of the Ralph collar. Pale and delicate Elizabeth and her white stiff Ralph led the day is not a sign of the empire, called the British national idol.

Aristocracy in order to emulate the Queen's Ralph collar, do not hesitate to use metal wire stent. Ruff collar is very stiff so that when wearing can not bow, eat only with long handle spoon to his mouth. After the death of Elizabeth I, hard Ralph led the heat gradually faded, the natural sagging soft Ralph became popular.

As the European aristocracy of the frenzy of Lace Trim chase, Lace Trim in the dress was carried forward. Experienced the Baroque style and Rococo style baptism, men's gorgeous complex in the seventeenth century to reach the peak, and by the eighteenth century is gradually simplified.

The luxury of the seventeenth century is the culmination of luxury

The demands of the European society for the Lace Trim in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were so great that only the Lace Trim that had been done manually made the workers very tired. Until the late eighteenth century John Heathcoat invented Lace Trim looms, Lace Trim manufacturing industry was considered into the era of industrialization, this machine can produce very fine and regular hexagonal Lace Trim bottom, handicrafts only need to be woven in the online graphics can be The Later, John Leavers invented a machine that used the principles of the French jacquard loom to produce Lace Trim patterns and Lace Trim screens. Leavers machines are very complex, composed of 40,000 components and 50000 lines, need to work from different angles, laid the foundation of the modern top Lace Trim.

Lace Trim is the yarn to knot each other, staggered, winding, and the formation of a flower with a flower, a lot of people say that Lace Trim is more like a knitting method can not be said to be a specific fabric has some truth. In the above mentioned the earliest Lace Trim is made of metal wire weaving, so theoretically wire, gold, silk, cotton, yarn to staggered winding form are considered Lace Trim, so the hair and titanium alloy can be calculated. Also determines the different raw materials to form the Lace Trim to the body to bring the touch is different.

1. Chemical fiber materials, this material is now more common, low-cost Lace Trim will use this raw material, the advantages and all the chemical fiber clothing, wear-resistant, but airtight. This Lace Trim price is 8 to 10 dollars a kilogram, when the procurement of fabrics is generally calculated in accordance with the kilograms.

2. Natural materials such as cotton silk, the skin feel good, slightly not so fine. Prices ranging from 20 to 40, soft material, weaving more rough so the pattern is not so fine.