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Lace Trim Feel Soft And Smooth, Not Easy To Wrinkle
Aug 14, 2017

The lace's flower-shaped structure was not previously knitted or woven, but was obtained by twisting the yarn. In the 16th and 17th centuries of Europe,Lace Trim the use of wire core weaving lace became the source of income for individual craftsmen, as well as the means of aristocratic women's recreational time. At that time the society's demand for lace was so great that the work of the lace workers was very laborious, they often worked in the moldy basement, and the light was weak, only to see the spinning wheel.

Since John Heathcoat invented lace looms (patented in 1809), the British lace manufacturing into the industrial era, this machine can produce very fine and regular hexagonal lace bottom. Handicrafts only need to be woven into the graphics on the Internet, and this network is generally silk material.

Lace using nylon, polyester, cotton, rayon as the main raw material. Such as spandex or elastic wire, can be flexible.

Nylon (or Polyester) + Spandex: Common Stretch Lace.

Nylon + polyester + (spandex): can be made of two-color lace,Lace Trim through the Jin and polyester stained with different colors made of.

Full polyester (or all nylon): can be divided into monofilament and filament, monofilament used for wedding; filament can be imitated cotton effect.

Nylon (polyester) + cotton: can be made of different color effect.

Generally speaking, the lace on the market, the common roughly divided into chemical fiber lace, cotton lace, cotton lace, embroidered lace and water lace these five categories. Each lace has its own characteristics, their advantages and disadvantages are not the same.

Chemical fiber lace is the most common type of lace fabric collectively, the material to nylon, spandex-based. Its texture is generally relatively thin, and more rigid, if the direct contact with the skin may feel a little bar. But the advantages of chemical fiber lace is cheap, more patterns, more colors, and strong and easy to break. The shortcomings of chemical fiber lace is feel bad, tie people,Lace Trim can not be high-temperature ironing, basically no flexibility, can not be used as a personal dress. And in general, due to the cost of chemical fiber lace, the more often used in cheap clothing, it will give a "relatively cheap" feeling. The same time as

Embroidery lace is in a layer of gauze with cotton, polyester and the like line embroidered lace shape, and then cut out the profile because the lining is gauze, so feel will change according to the hardness of the gauze, but generally soft Of the yarn made of soft embroidery lace will be better. Compared to the above three, the advantages of embroidery lace is soft and smooth feel, not easy to wrinkle, you can fold,Lace Trim flexibility is better. Embroidered lace is the shortcomings of high-temperature ironing, less shape, easy to break. In general, the softness and material requirements of the higher clothing will basically use embroidery lace, such as skirt lining and underwear and so on. The same time as

Water-soluble lace is a polyester thread or viscose filament yarn will be woven on a lining paper, after the completion of the use of higher temperature water will be dissolved, leaving only lace body, named water lace. As the water soluble lace relative to the above several kinds of lace needle number more, so the cost of water soluble lace is also more expensive. The advantages of water-soluble lace is very good feel,Lace Trim soft and smooth, with a slight flexibility, shiny, three-dimensional, many patterns. The disadvantage of water-soluble lace is the cost is relatively high, relatively thick, easy to fold, not high-temperature ironing. In general, the workmanship and materials are better on the basic use of water-soluble lace, good workmanship lacquer may be reached dozens or even hundreds of dollars / m price.