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Lace Pattern Art As A Connecting Link Of Human Material Life And Spiritual Life
Jun 26, 2017

In fashion stage, Bohemian style is lace: layered lace, drop shoulder without collar blouse, large printing, handmade lace and fine knot, leather tassel, tumultuous strings decoration, and wavy hair; The coloring is using effective hitting scene, such as sapphire blue and golden brown, grey and pink... Ratio imbalance; Cut a gothic heavy and complicated, pay attention to the neckline and waist design. Not only on the runway, Bohemian was accepted by the mass is common in recent years, such as a girl of waist belt long tassels, knitting hollow out or gauze fabrics of hand-painted, off-the-shoulder blouse, and layered drape skirt.

Today, the lace pattern art as a connecting link of human material life and spiritual life, one of the melt in a furnace, practicality and aesthetics in the service of practical art, also will love fruitful in the new era.

Chinese four gentlemen: plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum -- the perfect interpretation of the embroidery technology!