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Lace Fabric Straight Into The Elastic Fibers, So That The Clothes Are Flexible
Aug 07, 2017

Lace Fabric is made of 100% polyester or half of the polyester half cotton, try not to be pLace Fabricd in the washing machine cleaning; if it is their home cleaning Lace Fabric clothing, we must put the Lace Fabric in the laundry bag to neutral detergent. But the more advanced Lace Fabric products, or a larger area of Lace Fabric dresses, etc., it is recommended to the best wash to the laundry or must be hand washing, after washing with low-temperature hot iron will Lace Fabric ironing, so Lace Fabric ductility Will be good, can keep the Lace Fabric pattern does not distort the deformation. The same time as

1, cleaning Lace Fabric when the use of mild texture of the soap or special cleaning of delicate textile cleaning agent, can not use concentrated detergent, bleach and other fabric damage to the larger cleaning agent, these cleaning agents will greatly affect the color stability , Ruined the good products. The same time as

2, before cleaning, the first towel spread in the pool, wash and then towel will be picked up, this can prevent the Lace Fabric accidentally pull off. The same time as

3, the wet Lace Fabric wrapped in a towel to suck away the water, then they tiled on the table to be dry naturally.

Lace Fabric fabric care should pay attention to the following:

1, do not Lace Fabric clothing collection in the wet, not ventilated pLace Fabric, so as to avoid the emergence of plaque and fade;

2, the collection should avoid the desiccant, cosmetics, perfume and other chemicals directly contact silk fabric; if accidentally stained, should be promptly cleaned, or easy to cause silk fabric yellowing black;

3, hanging in the closet, you must choose to hang on a smooth hangers, to avoid with the rough, hard clothing pLace Fabricd together to prevent the Lace Fabric hook off; Lace Fabric sleeves clothes hang up with a hanger, it is best to use cloth to do Hangers, or the two hanger with a small towel wrapped up, the sleeves will not be deformed or not easy hook wire;

4, part of the Lace Fabric fabric straight into the elastic fiber, so that the clothes are flexible, but can not be too strong or long-term tension of the elastic fibers, this will make the fiber elastic tendons fall off, out of clothes; if Lace Fabric clothes have this phenomenon, Can stretch the curvature of the bar, will not affect the appearance of clothes.