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Lace Fabric Clothing more beautiful, the overall temperament is good
Aug 14, 2017

What is the best lace fabric? Lace in the clothing mainly used as accessories, most consumers think that lace is just next to the lace clothing. In fact, the lace is embroidered after the fabric, as long as the embroidery fabric can be counted as lace, and then embroidered into lace, and the composition of these lace is a story or may be aristocratic pattern. Lace because of its unique light breathable fabric and mysterious and elegant effect was the majority of girls love. But about the characteristics of lace fabric you know how much? Now we will detail the five kinds of fabric lace.

1, fiber high elastic jacquard lace: fiber high elastic jacquard lace ingredients are polyester fiber and spandex, polyester fiber itself, good elasticity, and spandex elasticity is almost close to the wool. Therefore, the advantages of this fabric lace is high elasticity, not easy to deformation, while ensuring the appearance of clothing can also achieve fit fit.

2, mesh jacquard lace: mesh jacquard lace is the composition of polyester fiber and cotton, this fabric is characterized by more stereoscopic shape, not easily shrink, and easy to clean corrosion.

3, positioning lace: This lace is also the composition of polyester fiber and cotton, it is different from the mesh jacquard lace is its lace pattern location is relatively fixed. This kind of fabric cutting more difficult, but the clothing is more beautiful, the overall temperament is good.

4, mesh cotton thread jacquard lace: mesh cotton thread jacquard lace and mesh jacquard lace is very similar to the ingredients are polyester fiber and cotton. But this lace fabric is relatively thick, more suitable for spring and autumn, and this lace fabric compared to mesh jacquard lace is more soft and comfortable.

5, hook woven cotton lace: crocheted cotton lace ingredients are cotton and nylon, nylon ratio is greater than three percent. Crochet cotton thread lace is characterized by it and other lace in the form of different, it is all the craft practices are hook woven, fabric has hollow effect. In addition, the lace of the water absorption and perspiration are good, it is not easy to shrink and deformation.

The current market popular lace fabric, mostly with elastic lace, flower-based. Add the spandex content is generally about 10%, coupled with the commonly used raw materials for the nylon filament, nylon high-elastic light and no light filament, so that the fabric with high flexibility, adding to the comfort of taking. The fabric is highlighted in a variety of different flower-based organizational structure, especially in the multi-comb type Raschel and Jakara Scheeren warp woven fabric with yarn effect, the pattern increases the uneven level,lace fabric rich three-dimensional Sense, so dyeing and finishing process to try to ensure integrity, aesthetics. In order to prevent the retraction and change of the pattern, the shape will not only pay attention to control the customer orders to give the parameters of the flower pattern, but also the width of the lace or flower width in the allowable range.

From the stereotypes of the effect of view, most of the layout of the pre-set temperature will be high, the speed will run slowly. The purpose is to achieve the fabric size and stability, to eliminate and prevent the dyeing tank may bring the phenomenon of crease, but also for the finished product after dyeing is just drying process to prevent the finished product temperature is too high caused by dye sublimation or discoloration, lace fabric preform The same is true for temperature determination. For the nylon raw materials mainly lace, flower surface, the scheduled temperature we choose 195 ℃.

Deep processing of products, finishing, Seiko is fine to do the process, but also improve the value-added products and enhance the corporate brand image of the methods and ways. Although the increase in production costs, but we still adhere to the "no fare increase," the marketing strategy. Not only bring some social benefits and economic benefits, but also won the customer's reputation. With the increase in the total amount of lace fabrics processing, companies also get more profits.