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Jul 07, 2017

Embroidery lace. It is in a very long period of history by the world countries gradually crafts, embroidery lace can be divided into two categories, and hand embroidery machine embroidery lace edge, is in the hand embroidery machine embroidery lace edge lace varieties developed on the basis of the production.


Adopting automatic machine embroidery lace embroidery machine needlework, namely in jacquard organization under the control on the grey cloth strip patterns, high production efficiency. All kinds of fabric of raw material can be used as the embroidered cloth, but in the majority with thin fabric, cotton fabric with cotton and man-made effect is best. Have small machine embroidery and big machine embroidery, and is most common in large machine embroidery. Large effective embroidery machine embroidery lace length of 13.7 meters (15 yards), on the 13.5 m long fabric embroidery, can be made full of embroidered or cropped to lace. According to different requirements can adopt different embroidered cloth, so as to produce different kinds of lace, water soluble lace lace, cotton lace, tc lace, mesh cloth and all kinds of gauze of sliver lace, etc. Pattern can be adjusted freely according to need. 2 bw. Megx machine embroidery is one of the categories of embroidery lace, water soluble lace it with water soluble nonwoven cloth, embroidery thread for viscose filament, through computer embroidery machine rust on the cloth, then through hot water treatment to make water soluble nonwoven cloth melted, stereoscopic lace. It can make strip with special shapes according to the requirement of design, which is widely used in clothing collar and the adornment of the bra. Embroidery machine with the installation of more color selection automatically change color, can be monochrome machine embroidery can also be multi-color machine embroidery. Generally spend up to 650 ㎜ back, lace width above 10 ㎜, after off the plane after opening the final processing. With delicate embroidered lace pattern is various, needlework, uniform neat, image lifelike, full of artistic feeling and stereo feeling. At present, our country machine embroidery origin mainly in shandong, guangdong and zhejiang region west. Machine embroidery production with high efficiency, low cost, has been used widely by most manufacturers.


After long time of development, more and more kinds of embroidery lace, with special embroidery lace, tc shall dribbling embroidery, lace, striped embroidery lace, water soluble embroidery, printing, embroidery lace, embroidery lace, hollow out, gold and silver coloured embroidery lace, lace, embroidery lace, dye dyeing, embroidery lace, embroidery lace, of edge applique embroidery lace, embroidery lace, beads lace, etc.


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