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Embroidery Flower Development
Jul 05, 2017

Chinese embroidery has a long history. , low production efficiency, embroidery lines often prone to uneven phenomenon, between the embroidery will be uneven. But, for the pattern is too complex, color is more, take back to the long lace is not the hand, and hand embroidered side full of stereo feeling more than machine embroidery. In our country, hand embroidery has a long history, in addition to the four Chinese famous embroidery embroidery, hunan embroidery, shu embroidery, yue embroidery, and Chinese embroidery, lu embroidery, embroidered, floss, qin, li embroidery, embroidery, and ethnic minorities such as embroidery excellent skill of embroidery in later chapters we will also introduce, here basically is the embroidery lace.

Embroidery lace, embroidery, is one of our traditional manual craft, occupies an important position in the national traditional arts and crafts.