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Embroidered Flowers
Jun 19, 2017

As to the net cloth embroidery lace in the form of expression are flowers, wave edge, flower, shan bo, double wave flower show in the textiles or clothing now. Wave edge design to design into the form of a triangle needle, is more conducive to the cutting edge, the structure of the single wave and it is difficult to implement cutting edge. In the process of production in case of scarring because yarn defects of itself; Bad lock pin; Change after stop yarn machine caused by this situation, so in the process of production to be more careful.

Because the embroidery lace reveal the product has a unique stereo feeling, will apply to the wedding dress, joined the embroidery lace wedding dress, produce surrounded by layers of feeling. Embroidery lace may change along with the change of the designer, there is no uniform design. Can on the gauze embroidery patterns that oneself like, and should not be restricted by the thickness of the gauze, the embroidery lace and easy to clean. And the lace give a person a kind of light feeling, the summer brings a kind of cool and refreshing feeling.