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Why the same bud silk fabrics, the price will be different
Jul 07, 2017

                               Why the same bud silk fabrics, the price will be different? This problem is like us to buy things when you are in different places to buy the same walnut cake is also to get different prices. And our lace fabric is no exception. Then what's the cause of lace fabric price? Is: weaving way: strictly speaking activity 4 times of 13372 is a new way of air-jet weaving weaving and become, but because the cost price, the part of enterprises continued to use the old way of rapier weaving, relatively low prices, consumers are more likely to accept. Part 2: printing and dyeing way is different: after jet weaving fabrics because the cost price of reason to choose the traditional coatings printing and dyeing (now the printing and dyeing process for basic does not have faded) to reduce the price to increase sales, part of the rapier weaving fabrics in order to raise their level and price with the method of reactive dyeing.