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Why lace fabrics become the latest must-haves in the fashion clothing
Jul 07, 2017

Bud silk fabrics is a mesh holes textiles, commonly used in the household products in cloth and clothing in the past, as a decorative accessories often appear in the clothes of the neckline, cuffs, hem, etc. In recent years, into the hand of stylist resurrected lace fabrics, with a fresh face filled with each big high fashion shows and on garment market, its main characters from the material into fabrics, large area to cover the human body, swaying to show people with its unique visual aesthetic feeling. Today with the constant changes of fashion, clothing made of bud silk as the main fabric which big popular among fashion lovers.

Traditional lace fabric material is pure natural materials, more from silk, cotton, hemp to gold and silver color is given priority to with plain, large areas of large size of bud silk fabrics are relatively rare. An enormous role in promoting the industrialization of manufacturing, lace fabric weaving technology has also completed a mechanized and computerized process. Lace production technology level to a new level, wide variety, both in terms of craft technique, material, variety, shape and width, are much richer than traditional lace fabrics, its use is also growing, application in the clothing by a local adornment also extended to underwear and widespread application of fabric. Plus the elasticity of spandex and durable nylon fiber the invention of new materials, lace as excipients to meet the different needs of different clothing properties and USES, in the material, color, pattern structure also have more different choices. Such as cotton bud silk fabrics feel soft and comfortable, design pattern is complex and changeable, according to the requirements of visual effect to adjust its pattern texture feeling, sense of ups and downs, density according to the color of garments' integral on colour and want to express the effect of the corresponding adjustment; In bra and underwear products lace fabrics, consider its close-fitting wearing comfort, fit, in the material would be appropriate to join spandex elastic material, such as on the surface of the skin texture to minimize the ups and downs, maintain level, and the color is given priority to with light color. In addition to the material and the organizational structure and surface texture and thickness change on soft, smooth, transparent drape different, in colour respect benefit from modern dyeing and printing technology, all kinds of colored and printed lace fabric has entered people's field of vision.