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Our factory has 20 years history
Jul 07, 2017

Our factory has 20 years history

About cotton products, the most popular is the cotton cloth embroidery fabrics, cotton punch embroidery fabric is the most exquisite embroidery cotton sex, can be used as a garment processing, such fabrics look very solid flat, processing good clothes body will be very comfortable and beautiful.

In dyeing, the biggest advantage is the punch embroidery cotton fabric dyeing performance is good, not easy to fade. Gentleman, there is a simple natural beauty. From the sense of touch, cotton embroidery, very soft, wet absorption khan, health and comfortable; Its wet strength is greater than the dry strength, but the overall is very fast and durable; People will often use the most suitable for summer, summer sweat, cotton embroidery fabrics alkali degree is strong, high temperature and alkali treatment can be made into silk cotton.

Computer embroidery to embroidery industry has brought about many benefits:

1, computer embroidery changes the traditional single fabric; Traditional fabrics is very monotonous, simple but elegant look bland, and embroidery can be added on the conventional fabric all sorts of appropriate design pattern, give the fabric beautiful and practical.

2, computer embroidery machine can batch production, high yield, high efficiency, fast speed, can save a lot of time costs for our customers.

3, through the embroidery machine embroidery, whether embroidery fabrics, neckties, or lace patterns are very neat uniform, three-dimensional fashion.

4, decorative embroidery embroidery fabrics, either as a clothing fabric, home textile fabrics, and as a decorative fabrics, trial industry is very broad.

So, computerized embroidery and hand embroidered difference in where?

1, in terms of quality, hand embroidery, is more smooth and soft, do not need to cushion embroidery lining, and computerized embroidery need pad embroidery lining and appear hard, so hand embroidery for art, while computer embroidery for clothing, shoes and hats, arts and crafts.

2, in terms of speed, hand embroidery speed is slow, the computer embroidery is fast, can be hand embroidery speed that is hundreds of times.