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The origin of the lace fabric and application
Jul 07, 2017

Lace fabric originated in Europe, is next to the clothing lace fabrics. At first is to prevent the clothes to take off the edge, to take off the lines and use, in fact, as long as it is after the embroidery cloth, can be classified as lace fabric. Due to the complex and time-consuming tedious work, make the lace fabric is special aristocratic articles. Europe in Belgium, France, Italy produces most famous lace fabrics. For the origin of the lace fabric, the legend of the most popular is a "STRAW MARY" with strong religious color, but development today has been impressive. Last century, the most famous lace designers "SISTER MARY" will be life to design and communication "alcatel-lucent pine needles rust lace" (" lace queen "), was hailed as a "lace" by god. In the later stages of the 20th century, lace fabric only in underwear, children's wear, evening wear, or place on the wedding dress, not among the ordinary people in the closet. In China, starting in the 80 s, long lace and quietly to return to with fashion.

Some people say that the accident, but the lace fabric is a certain trend. The use of lace fabric trend this season is not late outfit, but it is the day, and is mainly used for very concise design. Such as is just a linear set of head dresses or two-piece, cover with super structure of bud silk fabrics to create the distinctive taste. And, of course, if it's not too much exaggeration, some lightweight lace is more suitable for combined with profile, hollow out effect of lace fabric for the dress, or other item bring visual change, only the lace as a logo printed on the chiffon is enough to make a slightly sexy. Bud silk, of course, can bring different feeling to the person, choose the lace may be trying to change the style of a choice.

Said, lace fabrics divided into play and non elastic lace fabric lace fabrics, also known as the lace fabrics. With elastic lace fabric composition for spandex 10%, 90% nylon. No component is 100% nylon lace fabric. Due to material quality of a material is frivolous transparent lace fabrics, with elegant and mysterious art effect, is widely applied in women's underclothes. Bud silk can be divided into the following types: spring and autumn fashion is given priority to with polyamide fiber, cotton and polyester, combined with spandex, etc.; Summer, give priority to with polyamide thin fabrics; Winter clothing, mainly used in accessories; Underwear, kam ammonia high elastic fabrics. Different collocation to create different styles. Guangdong day sang this co., LTD is specialized in the production and sales all kinds of mesh cloth, sandwich mesh cloth, lace fabrics, fabrics, shoes bags net material, etc. Lace fabrics in women's clothing has a very wide range of USES, such as underwear, underwear, pajamas, render clothes, skirt, shirt, trousers, jackets, and so on women's clothing can be used, in the women's apparel, cuff, collar, skirt is placed, the mouth will see lace shadow. Lace has been women has a very wonderful place in the heart, because it can be sexy, but the charm, can be pure and elegant.