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The characteristics and artistic value of Chinese embroidery are directly reflected in the four famous embroidery
May 28, 2018

Suzhou embroidery is famous for its fine stitches, elegant colors, and delicate embroidery. It has the characteristics of being flat, light, homogeneous, uniform, fine, and dense. The main theme is small animals. Such as "cats", "wind wear", "fish and shrimp map" and so on. The double-sided embroidery that appears appears to be the same on both sides. Such as the cat's eyes, the two sides are not the same color, very attractive, and its superb embroidery skills, is the finest embroidery.

Xiangxiu is dominated by realistic paintings and bright colors. It uses Chinese painting as a base, lining with corresponding landscapes, pavilions, castles, birds and animals, and bold styles. It is characterized by embroidered tigers, lions, etc. The roots of animal hairs embroidered with unique stitches are powerful. People call Xiang embroidery "The embroidery can produce incense. Embroidered birds can hear the sound. Embroidered tigers can run. Embroidered people can express themselves.

The composition of the embroidery is concise, and most of them use traditional ethnic patterns such as squares and flowers, which are decorative. The color is rich and colorful, the needlework is rigorous, the actual situation is suitable, and the three-dimensional sense is strong, smooth and smooth. Embroidered objects include butterfly, squid, and panda.

Guangdong embroidery uses gold and silver thread gold embroidery, embroidered thread smooth. Composition layout is tight, decorative and three-dimensional. Splendid face, dazzling, and more for costumes, wedding dresses and so on. Litchi and peacock are the traditional theme of Yuexiu.

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