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The benefits of bud silk fabrics
Jul 07, 2017

About the benefits of the queen of natural fiber lace fabric is far more than that, in the face of sorching summer, how to better absorb sweat permeability also need to solve the problem of anti-radiation maternity clothes, linen made of flax fibers serves the efficacy. Bud silk fabrics absorption characteristic of the air, evaporation surface heat quickly and promote skin microcirculation, 4 to 6 degrees Celsius cooler than ordinary clothes. For linen fabric designer linen unique attributes, based on the building become very loose anti-radiation maternity, bring the skin and body enough freedom, in can "breathe" linen fabrics of the auxiliary time enjoy the incomparable cool and refreshing feeling to other clothes.

Good quality lace fabric to reduce a lot of production, energy consumption and ensure the purely natural pollution-free natural attribute and flax fibers; Degumming link adopts advanced production technology, biotechnology, compared with the previous degumming sulfate reducing emissions of tons of sewage; Also use solar energy, abandoned the traditional coal burning for atmospheric carbon dioxide pollution; After reforming of modification of the boiler, hot water to recycle, reduce the water consumption and wastewater discharge. In textile, spinning machine for the comprehensive transformation, improve the production efficiency, reduce the power consumption.

Now we see the flax anti-radiation maternity is a very good lace fabrics widely used vivid examples. East spinning linen "make the world more wonderful" at the same time trying to get more high-quality flax fabric into more areas of life, become the green, environmental protection, health, comfortable life solutions to multiple quality of life, leading the people in the future more happiness life dreams.