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Teach you how to discern the stand or fall of embroidery lace
Jul 07, 2017

The stand or fall of embroidery lace how to distinguish? First appearance. Good quality lace, texture clear, printed full, fine, don't feel fuzzy, rough printing, grain. Consumers should choose color shallow or tonal natural products, because of its not easy to rub off. And some of the color products, may because of the heavy staining and easy to rub off.

In addition, there is a simple test: put a piece of white cloth rubbing back and forth on products, such as signs have found white cloth dyeing, will show will rub off. Then the smell. Good quality products smell general pure and fresh and natural, no peculiar smell. If opened the package you smell acrid odor such as stink, probably because the product or ph value of formaldehyde exceeds bid, it is best not to buy. At present, the PH value of textiles mandatory standards is generally 4.0 to 7.5.

The final touch texture. Good product feel comfortable exquisite, tightness, feels not rough, the feeling of loose. Detection of pure cotton products, you can draw from a few fine filament light, burns burn taste is normal. Can also be used hand slub ashes, not a knot is made of pure cotton products, if there are any bumps, then contain chemical fiber.

Features: high quality lace products good lace fabrics, glance, will have a good sense of colour and lustre, colour and lustre is uniform and full, touch feel very smooth, there will be no sense of time, and density around the lace lace will be very evenly, lace pattern can have clear texture, vivid flowers.

Features: inferior lace lace fabric colour and lustre is poor, the color yellow, lace pattern is not clear, rigid flowers can't see what is design, edge horn will cable head bumps and lace.