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Perspective lace dress is more than a sexy
Jul 07, 2017

Hollow out the perspective of lace fabrics, this originally belong to sexy element, in this season's shows, in between is like concealed, hold in place of feeling. Before their popular gauze perspective, this into the design of more artistic inspiration, with its changeful form creates a variety of different styles. Seemingly complicated pattern is woven with simple line, pressing and into. This kind of hollow out role on the pure white fashion lace fabrics, summon up out of the sculpture art of paper-cut craft and imagination. Perspective lace dress is not really sexy sparse grid is bright-coloured colour ornament, coordination of qiu dong is obscure and jumping between color black is not harmony. At the same time, those who do not rule the structure of the lace fabric is MIU MIU sports theme the best embodiment of this quarter.

Even as net long coat the hollow out of bud silk fabrics, also hard to suppress the Chanel itself emits elegant temperament. Luxurious and elegant perfect combination of it is the essence of Coco Chanel pursues.

The three-dimensional contour is Stella McCartney play a trick. Crisp cloth fabric structure to realize three-dimensional profile and hollow out beautiful bridge. The sequins sewing on the rules of lace fabric, cooperating with MIU MIU widespread use of new materials, the hollow out with sexy lace fabrics insulation, here is exaggeration enlarged movement in the design of the sense of "breathable".