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Lace price is related to its production process
Jul 07, 2017

                               Lace, lace, in English translated into lace, lace is a kind of exotic, is organized by hand-made by crochet mesh at the earliest. Lace usually appear in the clothing, underwear, home textile products. Thin lace, administrative levels feeling. In the summer as the theme for each underwear lace. Lace is on the clothing can create a kind of sweet feeling. From the traditional to the last century, lace, knots and around to the mechanization development now. And mechanical chain piece of knitting lace machine, greatly enriched the types of lace and pattern. Its USES are from clothing decoration extended to various fields such as home decoration and decorations, and rapidly increasing demand, product varieties more rich, the rapid development of industry promoted the lace. Lace price is related to its production process? This is also related, more complex approach at the same time, it is proved that its price will be higher, the opposite will be cheaper.