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Corporate Culture

Xinlinyuan staffs’career: Engaged in providing garment accessories for high-end textile clothing bands, creating high quality, best service, leading fashion accessories career. 

Xinlinyuan staffs’vision: to become the global leader in the field of textile and garment accessories. 

Xinlinyuan staffsmission: to try our best to provide satisfying productions and service for our clients, to enable xinlinyuan staffs to work happily and lead a wealthy and happy life! 

Xinlinyuan staffs’customer attitude: sincere cooperation, join hands to make win-win development!

Xinlinyuan staffs’product concept: the product is equal to the moral quality, continuous innovation! 

Xinlinyuan staffs’Sentiments on talents: loyalty, integrity, professional, enterprising!

Xinlinyuan staffs’work style: earnest, fast, keep promise, no excuses!


Xinlinyuan staffs’business concept: Peace, Honesty, Exploiting!


Xinlinyuan Staffs’Declaration

Xinlinyuan staffs reject negative thoughts and formalism, pursuit actual combat, effectiveness, practicality! Xinlinyuan staffs pursue the principle that providing customers with not only product value, but also help for customers to achieve what they really want!

Xinlinyuan staffs should learn and validate constantly and introspect themselves everyday for improving! Xinlinyuan staffs should be respectful, interdependent, self-effacing and considerate, dare to admit and undertake!

Xinlinyuan staffs firmly believe that: only the solidarity can create the future!